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I’ve always felt the impulse to teach rather than accumulate vast amounts of money for it’s own sake. However I’ve often pondered thinking myself somewhat naive or even foolhardy.. I’ve seen relatively untalented people acquire vast sums of money for doing very little. I’ve queried this and put it down to human nature. The rate that some quarters of humanity attain these remarkably auspicious positions never fails to astound me.. I have consistently used my teaching qualifications and experience for little or no monetary reward.I aspire to a word I coined myself, compassionate mentorship I look forward to the time when a system of compassionate mentorship becomes available in all present day institutions nationally and internationally although like fighting climate change this is really going to take some doing. The people involved must not be thinking of financial reward for themselves but intrinsic rewards and rather financial incentives. It seems according to the ancient writers and their wisdom particularly Epicurus I am somewhat in the right. Ancient writers seemed to be united in this ethic whether their writings involved Sanskrit, Hebrew or pictorial symbolism. The equivalent of ancient wisdom in biblical terms would seem to be the word s of the proverbs. Ancient wisdom teaches us to stare fear in the face stoically.


Just because society recently appears to have taken a real step backwards, including our global environment which is always very up and down does not mean we are actually living this , more a case of going through it retrograde in planetary motion always accounts for a temporary reversal methinks..which doesn’t exclude the same thing from happening again but it is all it is, a rite of passage and return, To be optimistic now we feel totally enabled to speak up in a relaxed way against corrupt versions of authority, even when we thought conditions were better we felt less empowered to do this because we had a natural fear of authority.. think on hundreds of years ago civilization was in a worse place with repellent measures of capital punishment even in the UK, now the poor feel their right to speak up for their rights against monied privilege, not so long ago in the big picture of things the poor felt the corruption of the ballot box and the landlord -tenant strings , social media gives people voices so a retrograde movement won’t stop gradual progression of civilization, retrograde is an untypical, though occasional reversal of fortune, doesn’t alter the fact that we’re moving forward in this new age which will hopefully last a few thousand years!?..the wrong figures of authority will always make things look retrograde so they are a learning lesson, a saturnine way of aiding progression because of the law of attraction, which runs counter to the whims of destruction! — penny1907

Sporting breed one

The Terrier.. Terriers are a group of small to medium sized dogs trained to kill small to medium sized prey, regarded by farmers and smallholders as vermin or pests through the ages. Many of them have been trained not simply as ratters but to go to ground to a far greater extent. Hence their name coming from the Latin Terre meaning earth, so earth dog is an apt and fitting description. Terriers come in a range of coat types and conformations with different head shapes ranging from the egg shaped face of the English bull 🐂 terrier to the square jawed Staffie, another type of Bull 🐂 Terrier originally from the English Potteries. The oblong snouts of the Scottish , Airedale. Lakeland and Welsh Terriers are reminiscent of the traditional highly ranked British army officer . Many traditional British breeds are on the rare and vulnerable list including some of the above, plus breeds such as the Dandie Dinmont and Glen of Imaal Terriers which are short legged rough coated types, the former being a favourite of the novelist Sir Walter Scott.

Smooth coated types such as the Manchester Terrier have the appearance of their German counterparts the Pinschers which were trained for much the same purpose of keeping livestock from farms. The Miniature Pinscher (Min Pin) is now classified as a Toy dog however and many of the Schnauzers which resemble the taller rough coated Terriers in Stature and head shape are classed as Utility dogs, likewise hailing from Germany. Strangely the largest of all Terriers which looks like a Gigantic black Schnauzer is classed as a Working dog, this being the Russian black Terrier. This can be accounted for however by it being originally also used as a farming and guard dog. The biggest British terrier, the Airedale also makes a great guard.Perhaps the oldest British Terrier is the Cairn Terrier which gave rise to a variety of well known offshoots including the Scottie, the West Highland White and the Skye, all native to Scotland.

It seems to be the rugged prototype of later more finely tuned varieties similar to itself. It takes its names from the heap of stones called Cairns found in the Scottish Highlands. This perky compact and short-legged Terrier makes an indomitable guard and retains that fearsome terrier instinct that enables it to tackle game sometimes bigger than itself! It is also one of the most intelligent of small dogs occasionally being used in Obedience trials if well trained. However it has a penchant for being strong-willed and stubborn.. The smooth and rough coated Jack Russell Terriers are the working man’s version of the more purely bred Rough and Smooth coat Fox Terriers. The Parson Russell Terrier was the first to be recognized by the English Kennel club in the last 30 years or so also coming in two coat types and is the longer legged variety. Other working men’s terriers include the Fell or Patterdale Terrier, the counterpart of the pedigree Lakeland Terrier the short legged Lucas Terrier the working counterpart of the Sealyham and Cesky from Eastern Europe in appearance and the rather attractive Plummer Terrier, somewhat like a smooth coated Border Terrier in appearance but with the attractive markings of the Jack Russell and Fox 🦊 Terriers.

Talking of the Scottish Highlands I omitted the name of my late uncle, David Bertram Reid from my family genealogy article on Wikipedia.He died when I was six, he in his late forties. It was only a week after my birthday and he had dropped off a doll’s pram at my front door in Sale, having popped down from Timperley. He died at a teaching interview , everyone thought he was asleep , he wanted a headmaster role in the countryside. As he was headmaster of a school in Manchester badly affected by racial tension in the late 70s this was difficult to cope with stress wise and he died from a massive heart attack. He always spoke up for the bullied pupils, I don’t suppose people find this additional family information as interesting as the stuff about dogs, all I know I will continue to fight about Wikipedia censorship of my innocuous subject material and its seemingly ignoramus overlords who call you aggressive simply for defending yourself against deletion of topical information and scoff openly at any knowledge possessed aiming to bar it indefinitely from being shared. So I’m a dumb ass???..This type of human behaviour is on a spectrum of narcissism and I believed it should be kept in check as far as those in power 😅 or assuming power are concerned, lest it evolves into something worse!!

Evolving dogs

The generally accepted common ancestor of present-day Mammalia including dogs, Cats, Civets and hyaenas was Miacis a small inconspicuous Carnivore which was no bigger than a weasel but with longer legs like some halfway house weasel 🐶. It surely was a common ancestor of cats and dogs, the missing link from the Paleolithic period! Prior to that the commo!n ancestor of all basic carnivores were the therapsids from the late Permian/ early Triassic period, they had barely evolved from the reptiles and we’re not mammals yet in the accepted form in which they present today. They were dog -like in appearance , this was certainly true but much more fearsome like the monstrous dogs spoken about in ancient philosophies.

It began in Africa..the earliest dog genomes were found in African hunting dogs which later evolved into the common ancestor of Canis Familiaris the domesticated dog of the Holocene period onwards. Today the domesticated dog takes all shapes and form from the tallest Great Danes to the most minuscule Chihuahua.There is a movement away from the most purely bred dog towards healthier breeds which would previously have been seen simply as impure of breed, lacking breed club standardisation and Heinz 57 crossbreds. However such new mishmash’s have a healthier more natural general appearance, and have really caught on .These include the cockerpoos and labradoodles, etc. Still more await to be added to the awesome equations!. However it still remains amazing that even the tiniest most purely bred dogs such as the Pekingese share a common Gray wolf ancestry with the rangier more wolf like dogs, the Eurasian Gray 🐺 wolf. Indeed I noted our little cairn Pippa, a wheaten blondie would often howl in melancholic chords as sunset fell towards dusk!! Primitive dog breeds and Spitzes, as well as graceful scent hounds and pastoral dogs such as Salukis, borzois and collies tend to contain even more Gray wolf ! Even so the most interbred and least wolf-like in appearance companion dogs have high quantities of the Gray wolf 🐺 genome.

I love Welsh corgi’s which have been one of the most spoken about dogs in the media recently for obvious reasons! Perhaps their popularity as a breed will catch on almost to the extent of the French bulldog, nicknamed the Frenchie. They are likewise a compact easy to care for breed, they have the appearance of cute little primitive dogs with their pointed ears.There are two distinct types the tailless Pembroke corgi which the late queen patronised and kept and the lengthier, tailed Cardigan Corgi both named after respective counties from the West coast of Wales a favourite holiday place of both my mums family and my dad who only had one living brother when U was young, whom he never saw. So the breed have another point of sentimentality for me in light of this, especially since my dad’s side also had Welsh genes, these being the Davies’s who settled in Nantwich,. a Welsh salt town. The painters shop at the back of Pall mall was first established in the earlier 19th century by my father’s great grandad!!…Well to end on a sad note despite being classed as a paying member of the Wiki media commons, six people from the commons are indefinitely blocking from contributing to editions and developing a miscellaneous user page, I suppose it is their loss.

However we all know that the UK economy is not at its best right now so every bit of money spent is their loss. Quite honestly I reiterate my point so I can make interesting articles with freedom of speech, I honestly wish they would desist, for the sake of freedom from censorship and progress from earlier centuries I suppose this will soon have to happen, otherwise it is retrogression and quite simply if the people at the helm say it is free for anyone to edit or contribute to these would-be harks make the forum look like one of sheer hypocrisy!! The argument against me by the so-called friendly tearoom who welcomed discursive contributors it seemed was that I was aggressive for complaining that their over deletions. My seemed like bullying, the very thought of them being bullies was aggressive to them and I am indefinitely suspended from writing my own articles or contributing in light of this. The other reason was that I had an encyclopaedic brain but was a dumb ass ranter as well, the two statements very much contradict each other and these few people seem to be as ignorant as they come !! What sensible person would be so destructive in their attitude to think this??..What is also disappointing is my Philip Sidney contribution being deleted, I have a BA in English Literature and am educated to postgraduate level 7.,.I think power should be taken out of the hands of such bombastic disruptive oligarchs or Wiki faces the prospect of being branded an insincere money-making racket. To crown it all although I’ve never been a staunch royalist a show of deference and respect to the late elderly monarch of the UK seemed to annoy them still further, I got the intuition of them barring me after that, saying right let’s get her off, the anarchichal disruptive , over censorious bombast to laugh out loud!!.. am I never to return to such a seething pot of sinister hatred and envy then??

legacies of free speech

In light of the family on my Scottish side especially quite liking the idea of dedicating the piece to the memory of our late monarch in light of her passing through Scotland My legacy hopefully in years to come would be to leave monies towards the idea of freedom from censorship and freedom of information and knowledge provided there was no bad language or hate towards any person or group of persons so hopefully the small amount I give can go towards promoting democracy as any stable government and state would agree with


My Wikipedia article was very formal, indeed I later chose to dedicate it to the memory of our late monarch but this annoyed the deleterious still more..I like to appear fun and nor supercilious in any way, shape and form. Which is why I chose to put family history and such like on a formal Wikipedia article.Ive been forced into a bit of a corner to put it into a blog instead owing to it being destroyed. It is not what I would have wanted!

I merely said that I was executor of my late cousin’s probate and where possible try to look out for his property in Maesfen although I’ve not been well on and off for a few months, he died on 2017 the probate should go first and foremost to my mother, Mrs Ann Hughes Davies who is his next of kin as he had no surviving wife or children, his long term gf having died from emphysema…I got on well with my two aunt’s Flora Helene Phillips nee Reid (Anthony’s mum) and Margaret May Reid, and a brother of their’s the only son who died tragically at just 47 years of age. He didn’t live long but my memories are fond. I was particularly fond of our mutual grandmother , Florence May Reid nee Daniels who managed to live to 100 years and two weeks and loved her signed, sealed and delivered telegram from her majesty at the time.

My mum’s and her siblings paternal side were Scottish as their name indicates. Reid came from a clan that means red. So the grandad I never knew despite my troubled cousin having the privilege to know for a short time was a second generation Scotchman Herbert Reid who served in the first world war and who was particularly proud of his daughter Flora joining the ATS in the Scottish Highland regiment for a short time during World war Two.Her husband Murray, Anthony’s father was in the Navy.

They mostly pre deceased mums family so didn’t get chance to know them.But my centenarian Grandmother in spirit would have been made up at having my dogs article dedicated to the family with a bit of recent family history to boot, she would love the fact of me referencing how upset they would all been at the loss of the monarch and pleased that the information was dedicated as would the Scottish side of the family but she would have been mortified at its sudden deletion from the article as would the others, and all because I was a long winded ranter who was too smart for their own good apparently!? however at least I’ve been able to write what I intended as a formal educationally linked article on my fun blog instead, and so it’s been recorded in some kind of posterity!!

Alls well that ends well

well i’m having to rewrite a large chunk of an innocent piece of writing on Wikipedia referencing my executorship of the family probate but more involved with the classification of a favourite animal of mine, the Domestic 🐶, Canis familiaris and astrology in regards to the sharing of new information on this age-old pursuit which was at first prominent within the parsi faith. This was merely a representation of old philosophies into my futuristic progressive new age outlook. As I was told I’d be indefinitely deleted and censored although I support Wikimedia commons with what I can, a small fee each month and have access to the main page I will have to put up with the fact that I’m not allowed to publish or edit on it because I’m too smart for my own good and encyclopaedic whatever they mean by that?? Just the decision of a few thank God!! They didn’t like me raising the possibility of thinking the deletion of a fair bit of writing amongst other contributions as bullying. They found the actual idea of me raising the possibility that they could be bullied very aggressive indeed!!

So in light of the trials and tribulations of everyday life, a sick mother, memories of past trauma during my hyper studious childhood, I will have to write my basic framework for the history of dogs once more on another of my sites as this is what I’ve been told get your encyclopedic knowledge off of here onto another social media site, alas more work for me, re writing that which has been already written…and to boot my love of spiritual values although non denominational was far too religious, Who runs Wiki then??..Surely there is a need for educational merit???

According to a small group of administrators I am just a long winded rant but who are they and what is their certification to so pompously decide, could they be just a tad clueless??

Bill Shakespeare’s my favourite menor

I now look forward more than ever to chat about dogs,..and astrology/new age philosophies

Dogs have been traditionally divided into two main groups, Sporting and non-sporting, I merely referenced this so are these people who found it offensive mad, they were mainly westernised ppl from the states of no particular ethnicity, I think intelligence could be a factor in them not wishing to read long winded rants!!

Well anyway Sporting dogs as I pointed out on my Wiki page include the hounds, terriers and Gundogs..and the remainder fall into the non-sporting, Working, Utility(a miscellany of Companion and multi purpose) ex working dogs), the minuscule Toy group and the more recent offshoot of the Working dogs, the Pastorals!

I regret having to re-type that which was deleted on Wiki but as suggested small things amuse small minds! I wil have to save my astrological and Philosophical sequence categorised separately from dogs to another blog! Another thing that offended them was that I left a Facebook link to my anthology of poems, fair enough but I’ve noted such links to external sources within other pages on Wikipedia, so what ??..if not offensivr or prejudiced, What’s the harm, surely the deletion of a topical non biased writing never to be retrieved is many times more disturbing?? I’m disturbed for one!!


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