I’ve always felt the impulse to teach rather than accumulate vast amounts of money for it’s own sake. However I’ve often pondered thinking myself somewhat naive or even foolhardy.. I’ve seen relatively untalented people acquire vast sums of money for doing very little. I’ve queried this and put it down to human nature. The rate that some quarters of humanity attain these remarkably auspicious positions never fails to astound me.. I have consistently used my teaching qualifications and experience for little or no monetary reward.I aspire to a word I coined myself, compassionate mentorship I look forward to the time when a system of compassionate mentorship becomes available in all present day institutions nationally and internationally although like fighting climate change this is really going to take some doing. The people involved must not be thinking of financial reward for themselves but intrinsic rewards and rather financial incentives. It seems according to the ancient writers and their wisdom particularly Epicurus I am somewhat in the right. Ancient writers seemed to be united in this ethic whether their writings involved Sanskrit, Hebrew or pictorial symbolism. The equivalent of ancient wisdom in biblical terms would seem to be the word s of the proverbs. Ancient wisdom teaches us to stare fear in the face stoically.

Who deserves what professionally


How can we earn a rewarding living

We are living in a society where people get paid way too much just for being celebrities, whether or not its Premier league or the latest soaps or flicks. Isn’t it about time that ethics played top ranks in who gets paid most, why should life changing surgeons or those who work all hours through the night to save lives, sometimes risking their own be paid far less?? The emergency services such as fire and rescue, paramedics and then after that the local constabulary who when playing by professional rules can all too often put their lives on the line should be amongst the highest paid. I tend to think that staff who are working on the front line and putting their own emotional and physical needs last should be regarded for the highest potential professional pay regardless of them being authority figures…

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Cycles in Time, Cycles of Life – Saros Cycles in Astrology — Through the Peacock’s Eyes

After about 18 years of deep study and of being a practicing astrologer, I find astrology to be an incredibly fascinating tool. That statement probably doesn’t surprise anyone, but it’s not because of what the masses would expect, i.e. because of the predictive stuff. I’ve never cared much for predicting things with astrology, nor do […]

Cycles in Time, Cycles of Life – Saros Cycles in Astrology — Through the Peacock’s Eyes

The Relationship Between Art, Psychology, and Wellbeing — JamieAdStories

I am delighted to share a fascinating guest post with you by ‘The Wellbeing Blogger’ which explores how art and wellbeing interact. I was pleased to read this as I have a keen interest in art and always wondered how it linked to psychology, as it does seem to stimulate calmness and satisfaction in me. […]

The Relationship Between Art, Psychology, and Wellbeing — JamieAdStories

Mindfulness and Evolutionary Psychology: A Primer — Pointless Overthinking

Much of our suffering and psychological problems we face are due to the fact that we are using ancient cognitive machinery to deal with the complexities of the modern world. Humans evolved though a process called natural selection in which genes that were best suited for their respective environments were passed on to the next […]

Mindfulness and Evolutionary Psychology: A Primer — Pointless Overthinking

On the Horizon – all the horses of iceland (Sarah Tolmie) — Captain’s Quarters

Ahoy there me mateys!  I received a copy of this historical fantasy novella eArc from NetGalley in exchange for me honest musings . . . Title: all the horses of iceland Author: Sarah Tolmie Publisher: Tor.com Publication Date: TODAY!! (paperback/ebook) ISBN: 978-1250807939 Source: NetGalley Horses were me first love before the sea stole me heart.  And I […]

On the Horizon – all the horses of iceland (Sarah Tolmie) — Captain’s Quarters

The Jungian persona

I think the Jungian archetype of Myth is omniscient, particularly in our dreamlike which equally has a propensity to be primal and Freudian often dependent upon identity. I see myself as an independent individual having been born an only child, Although humanitarian I’m not the type of person to take prisoners to pardon the pun!! But a recent dream presented to my shadow persona and perhaps the odd auxiliary characteristic contributing to such. I came across as particularly clingy person with another ultra clingy and romantic type, in the dream I accepted this kind of thing as the norm, the only snag was that the other person in the dream was born under the sign of aquarius so was even more so!! The thing is I have my mars in aquarius, to survive in the world and succeed we have to hold onto our sense of autonomy, this is the impression created for me by the dream!!


Im currently sharing articles and seeking inspiration for spiritual blogs, I’m listening to a few Elizabethan chants and galliard at the moment but another time I may prefer to listen to Snow Patrol, Radiohead, penguin cafe or even maroon 5, I’m pretty much connected to Indigo and violet imagery however, the darkness of Indigo creating something of an ecclesiastical vernacular and imagery for me regardless of my faith background and creating the depth of inner spirituality in these outwardly weak and troubled times which to me do not manifest as a golden age!!

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