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Sporting breed one

The Terrier.. Terriers are a group of small to medium sized dogs trained to kill small to medium sized prey, regarded by farmers and smallholders as vermin or pests through the ages. Many of them have been trained not simply as ratters but to go to ground to a far greater extent. Hence their name coming from the Latin Terre meaning earth, so earth dog is an apt and fitting description. Terriers come in a range of coat types and conformations with different head shapes ranging from the egg shaped face of the English bull 🐂 terrier to the square jawed Staffie, another type of Bull 🐂 Terrier originally from the English Potteries. The oblong snouts of the Scottish , Airedale. Lakeland and Welsh Terriers are reminiscent of the traditional highly ranked British army officer . Many traditional British breeds are on the rare and vulnerable list including some of the above, plus breeds such as the Dandie Dinmont and Glen of Imaal Terriers which are short legged rough coated types, the former being a favourite of the novelist Sir Walter Scott.

Smooth coated types such as the Manchester Terrier have the appearance of their German counterparts the Pinschers which were trained for much the same purpose of keeping livestock from farms. The Miniature Pinscher (Min Pin) is now classified as a Toy dog however and many of the Schnauzers which resemble the taller rough coated Terriers in Stature and head shape are classed as Utility dogs, likewise hailing from Germany. Strangely the largest of all Terriers which looks like a Gigantic black Schnauzer is classed as a Working dog, this being the Russian black Terrier. This can be accounted for however by it being originally also used as a farming and guard dog. The biggest British terrier, the Airedale also makes a great guard.Perhaps the oldest British Terrier is the Cairn Terrier which gave rise to a variety of well known offshoots including the Scottie, the West Highland White and the Skye, all native to Scotland.

It seems to be the rugged prototype of later more finely tuned varieties similar to itself. It takes its names from the heap of stones called Cairns found in the Scottish Highlands. This perky compact and short-legged Terrier makes an indomitable guard and retains that fearsome terrier instinct that enables it to tackle game sometimes bigger than itself! It is also one of the most intelligent of small dogs occasionally being used in Obedience trials if well trained. However it has a penchant for being strong-willed and stubborn.. The smooth and rough coated Jack Russell Terriers are the working man’s version of the more purely bred Rough and Smooth coat Fox Terriers. The Parson Russell Terrier was the first to be recognized by the English Kennel club in the last 30 years or so also coming in two coat types and is the longer legged variety. Other working men’s terriers include the Fell or Patterdale Terrier, the counterpart of the pedigree Lakeland Terrier the short legged Lucas Terrier the working counterpart of the Sealyham and Cesky from Eastern Europe in appearance and the rather attractive Plummer Terrier, somewhat like a smooth coated Border Terrier in appearance but with the attractive markings of the Jack Russell and Fox 🦊 Terriers.

Talking of the Scottish Highlands I omitted the name of my late uncle, David Bertram Reid from my family genealogy article on Wikipedia.He died when I was six, he in his late forties. It was only a week after my birthday and he had dropped off a doll’s pram at my front door in Sale, having popped down from Timperley. He died at a teaching interview , everyone thought he was asleep , he wanted a headmaster role in the countryside. As he was headmaster of a school in Manchester badly affected by racial tension in the late 70s this was difficult to cope with stress wise and he died from a massive heart attack. He always spoke up for the bullied pupils, I don’t suppose people find this additional family information as interesting as the stuff about dogs, all I know I will continue to fight about Wikipedia censorship of my innocuous subject material and its seemingly ignoramus overlords who call you aggressive simply for defending yourself against deletion of topical information and scoff openly at any knowledge possessed aiming to bar it indefinitely from being shared. So I’m a dumb ass???..This type of human behaviour is on a spectrum of narcissism and I believed it should be kept in check as far as those in power 😅 or assuming power are concerned, lest it evolves into something worse!!


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One thought on “Sporting breed one

  1. Yes. Truly awful behaviour!!..has anyone actually noticed the bottom paragraph of this post, I would expect someone to agree, everyone has a right to publish innocuous articles especially since I now pay a direct debit to the forum, not acceptable in a democratic nation!!!!


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