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My Wikipedia article was very formal, indeed I later chose to dedicate it to the memory of our late monarch but this annoyed the deleterious still more..I like to appear fun and nor supercilious in any way, shape and form. Which is why I chose to put family history and such like on a formal Wikipedia article.Ive been forced into a bit of a corner to put it into a blog instead owing to it being destroyed. It is not what I would have wanted!

I merely said that I was executor of my late cousin’s probate and where possible try to look out for his property in Maesfen although I’ve not been well on and off for a few months, he died on 2017 the probate should go first and foremost to my mother, Mrs Ann Hughes Davies who is his next of kin as he had no surviving wife or children, his long term gf having died from emphysema…I got on well with my two aunt’s Flora Helene Phillips nee Reid (Anthony’s mum) and Margaret May Reid, and a brother of their’s the only son who died tragically at just 47 years of age. He didn’t live long but my memories are fond. I was particularly fond of our mutual grandmother , Florence May Reid nee Daniels who managed to live to 100 years and two weeks and loved her signed, sealed and delivered telegram from her majesty at the time.

My mum’s and her siblings paternal side were Scottish as their name indicates. Reid came from a clan that means red. So the grandad I never knew despite my troubled cousin having the privilege to know for a short time was a second generation Scotchman Herbert Reid who served in the first world war and who was particularly proud of his daughter Flora joining the ATS in the Scottish Highland regiment for a short time during World war Two.Her husband Murray, Anthony’s father was in the Navy.

They mostly pre deceased mums family so didn’t get chance to know them.But my centenarian Grandmother in spirit would have been made up at having my dogs article dedicated to the family with a bit of recent family history to boot, she would love the fact of me referencing how upset they would all been at the loss of the monarch and pleased that the information was dedicated as would the Scottish side of the family but she would have been mortified at its sudden deletion from the article as would the others, and all because I was a long winded ranter who was too smart for their own good apparently!? however at least I’ve been able to write what I intended as a formal educationally linked article on my fun blog instead, and so it’s been recorded in some kind of posterity!!


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