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I’ve always felt the impulse to teach rather than accumulate vast amounts of money for it’s own sake. However I’ve often pondered thinking myself somewhat naive or even foolhardy.. I’ve seen relatively untalented people acquire vast sums of money for doing very little. I’ve queried this and put it down to human nature. The rate that some quarters of humanity attain these remarkably auspicious positions never fails to astound me.. I have consistently used my teaching qualifications and experience for little or no monetary reward.I aspire to a word I coined myself, compassionate mentorship I look forward to the time when a system of compassionate mentorship becomes available in all present day institutions nationally and internationally although like fighting climate change this is really going to take some doing. The people involved must not be thinking of financial reward for themselves but intrinsic rewards and rather financial incentives. It seems according to the ancient writers and their wisdom particularly Epicurus I am somewhat in the right. Ancient writers seemed to be united in this ethic whether their writings involved Sanskrit, Hebrew or pictorial symbolism. The equivalent of ancient wisdom in biblical terms would seem to be the word s of the proverbs. Ancient wisdom teaches us to stare fear in the face stoically.


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