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Alls well that ends well

well i’m having to rewrite a large chunk of an innocent piece of writing on Wikipedia referencing my executorship of the family probate but more involved with the classification of a favourite animal of mine, the Domestic 🐶, Canis familiaris and astrology in regards to the sharing of new information on this age-old pursuit which was at first prominent within the parsi faith. This was merely a representation of old philosophies into my futuristic progressive new age outlook. As I was told I’d be indefinitely deleted and censored although I support Wikimedia commons with what I can, a small fee each month and have access to the main page I will have to put up with the fact that I’m not allowed to publish or edit on it because I’m too smart for my own good and encyclopaedic whatever they mean by that?? Just the decision of a few thank God!! They didn’t like me raising the possibility of thinking the deletion of a fair bit of writing amongst other contributions as bullying. They found the actual idea of me raising the possibility that they could be bullied very aggressive indeed!!

So in light of the trials and tribulations of everyday life, a sick mother, memories of past trauma during my hyper studious childhood, I will have to write my basic framework for the history of dogs once more on another of my sites as this is what I’ve been told get your encyclopedic knowledge off of here onto another social media site, alas more work for me, re writing that which has been already written…and to boot my love of spiritual values although non denominational was far too religious, Who runs Wiki then??..Surely there is a need for educational merit???

According to a small group of administrators I am just a long winded rant but who are they and what is their certification to so pompously decide, could they be just a tad clueless??

Bill Shakespeare’s my favourite menor

I now look forward more than ever to chat about dogs,..and astrology/new age philosophies

Dogs have been traditionally divided into two main groups, Sporting and non-sporting, I merely referenced this so are these people who found it offensive mad, they were mainly westernised ppl from the states of no particular ethnicity, I think intelligence could be a factor in them not wishing to read long winded rants!!

Well anyway Sporting dogs as I pointed out on my Wiki page include the hounds, terriers and Gundogs..and the remainder fall into the non-sporting, Working, Utility(a miscellany of Companion and multi purpose) ex working dogs), the minuscule Toy group and the more recent offshoot of the Working dogs, the Pastorals!

I regret having to re-type that which was deleted on Wiki but as suggested small things amuse small minds! I wil have to save my astrological and Philosophical sequence categorised separately from dogs to another blog! Another thing that offended them was that I left a Facebook link to my anthology of poems, fair enough but I’ve noted such links to external sources within other pages on Wikipedia, so what ??..if not offensivr or prejudiced, What’s the harm, surely the deletion of a topical non biased writing never to be retrieved is many times more disturbing?? I’m disturbed for one!!


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