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Just because society recently appears to have taken a real step backwards, including our global environment which is always very up and down does not mean we are actually living this , more a case of going through it retrograde in planetary motion always accounts for a temporary reversal methinks..which doesn’t exclude the same thing from happening again but it is all it is, a rite of passage and return, To be optimistic now we feel totally enabled to speak up in a relaxed way against corrupt versions of authority, even when we thought conditions were better we felt less empowered to do this because we had a natural fear of authority.. think on hundreds of years ago civilization was in a worse place with repellent measures of capital punishment even in the UK, now the poor feel their right to speak up for their rights against monied privilege, not so long ago in the big picture of things the poor felt the corruption of the ballot box and the landlord -tenant strings , social media gives people voices so a retrograde movement won’t stop gradual progression of civilization, retrograde is an untypical, though occasional reversal of fortune, doesn’t alter the fact that we’re moving forward in this new age which will hopefully last a few thousand years!?..the wrong figures of authority will always make things look retrograde so they are a learning lesson, a saturnine way of aiding progression because of the law of attraction, which runs counter to the whims of destruction! — penny1907

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Logical literate realistic entrepreneur

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