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As prior to this, the traumatic awakening oppression occurred during my childhood and this came only came from an external environment. Recently a whole explosion of forces dissipated, leaving me temporarily in deep anguish only later to disperse. Perhaps it was inevitable that this should happen. Quite lately the old creativity has come back and I felt that the old creativity has come back and I felt then spirit would let me try my hand at anything, that I could use it to inspire others and I could pass my spirit onto these others with the help of the universe. The spirit within me has existed since time immemorial, it is embedded from a natural source!


Helios the source philosophy

Anything that affects a person’s mental health is coming either from an extrinsic or intrinsic force…..It is wonderful for me to feel great happiness and purity through my attentiveness to mindful pursuits. This makes me savour the thought of each new day with renewed vigour and without bitterness.I can create and inspire others positively and no disruption can stand in my way!!

Helios the source philosophy

Anything that disrupts the balance of nature is disrupting a cycle that only a universal consciousness or God can understand, it could be a disturbance in a soul, the soul could have had a transmission of what is known to some as evil, the object is never to fear this and after many years it will be overcome, it could be due to a traumatic event such as bereavement. Just as I write this I am aware that I am channeling from the universal consciousness and it gives me great pleasure and reward as it enters and renews my spirit, inspiring it not to be fearful anymore and instead be strong and all-encompassing. This I have known as far back in time as I can remember, although I was unable to come anywhere near the expression of it until after the age of seven! It is only now that I feel empowered to succeed and project to the world a higher level of understanding.

10-25 per cent of people are difficult to understand form a spiritual point of view, they lack empathy or the correct degree of empathy for other people , how best do we deal with it and can we change them?/,maybe not but we can adjust things

People in general

What is Meta Ethicalism and what other words could be used to describe it

What other words could be used to describe meta-ethicalism would seem to be ethical naturalism and Intuitionism, I see myself as something of a meta -ethicalist and hope to be as consistent in my humility as Gandhi supposedly and to most ways of thinking seemed to be. Meta-ethicalism broadly refers to the works of A.J.Ayer


I’ve always felt the impulse to teach rather than accumulate vast amounts of money for it’s own sake. However I’ve often pondered thinking myself somewhat naive or even foolhardy.. I’ve seen relatively untalented people acquire vast sums of money for doing very little. I’ve queried this and put it down to human nature. The rate that some quarters of humanity attain these remarkably auspicious positions never fails to astound me.. I have consistently used my teaching qualifications and experience for little or no monetary reward.I aspire to a word I coined myself, compassionate mentorship I look forward to the time when a system of compassionate mentorship becomes available in all present day institutions nationally and internationally although like fighting climate change this is really going to take some doing. The people involved must not be thinking of financial reward for themselves but intrinsic rewards and rather financial incentives. It seems according to the ancient writers and their wisdom particularly Epicurus I am somewhat in the right. Ancient writers seemed to be united in this ethic whether their writings involved Sanskrit, Hebrew or pictorial symbolism. The equivalent of ancient wisdom in biblical terms would seem to be the word s of the proverbs. Ancient wisdom teaches us to stare fear in the face stoically.

A 4 Aardvark

An Aardvark is an African termite eater which obviously belongs to that infamous order of insectivores shared by hedgehogs and shrew,it has along sticky tongue, ears like a mule, high heat tolerance and small eyes, I’d really like to met one during a day at the zoo!!

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